Question on CFA / Schweser study material

I took the CFA level 2 in 2017, didn’t make the cut. I still have the Schweser books from 2017. Do I need to buy new ones? I’m taking the exam Jun, 2020.


On a similar question… I have the 2019 Schweser books - is it fine to use those for the upcoming Jun 2020 exam?

I would refer to the changes made to the curriculum. Quite a few changes have been made but you can always refer to the CFAI curriculum if major changes were made on a specific section and use Schweser on unchanged sections. Here is the link with the changes between 2019 and 2020. Here are the links forchanges from year to year.

2019-2020 (Wiley)

2017-2018 (IFT)

2018-2019 (Wiley)