Question on Corporate Finance Reading 29

CFAI ebook volume III, on page 246 the bottom line are capital expenditures from year 2007 to 2011 respectively

$1461, $1709, $1880, $2068, $2275

I can’t figure out how these numbers were calculated. I do not think they were gived directly.

Anybody kind of point it out for me? Thanks.

Come on guys? One day past and this went to 2nd page.

This should be an easy one for those who know it. If you don’t know it you also need to find it out. Thanks,

I’d be happy to help, but I haven’t a copy of the curriculum. If you can post some details (without violating copyrights), I’ll take a stab at it.

That’s certainly not violating anything. That’s a very large table containing 60 plus rows and 7 columns and hundreds of numbers. Can’t copy and pate as it is without messing up.

Volume III, Corporate Finance – Merger and Acquisition – Exhibit 3 Sample Pro Forma Financial Statements and FCF Calculations.

I don’t think I can post it here. Thanks anyway.


Capex is the difference between the Net PP&E for the current year and the previous year (in this case an increase in PP&E) plus the Depreciation for the current year.

That should give you the correct answer!

Thank you. I did not take into acount of the depreciation and that’s why the numbers I got did not match.

Thank you Saffa and magician.

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You’re welcome!

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