Question on how to proceed after reading all the material

Hi everyone, I’ve just finished reading all the material after the covid19 break and am a bit confused about how to proceed now since I need to revise all the material from the beginning.

I was planning on doing lots of practice questions and mocks but I see there are now 1100 questions on Practice session and I might not finish it all on time.

I need to review the material specially the beginning. Option 1 is reading all end of EOC recaps and than practice all questions from the website but I’m afraid of not completing them all on time.
Option 2 would be read the recaps and do the related EOC questions from the CFA books.

Which way do you recommend? Or any other way.


Regarding the 1,100 questions, I guess you’re referring to the topic tests? Anyway, I’m a retaker, so maybe you don’t want my advice.

But here’s what I would do: Prioritize the blue boxes, and the examples embedded in the text (not blue boxes), and any case studies in the text. Then I’d probably work the end-of-chapter questions. I’d probably skip summaries and topic tests if I was really pressed for time.

The 1100 extra questions you are talking about are none other than EOCs and BBs. They have brought them online.

thank you.