Question on NYSSA - conflicting info from NYSSA and CFAI

Hi all –

I just got off the phone with CFAI and NYSSA, and received contradictory guidance on my membership.

My work hours have been approved and my application is “Under review - society.”

CFAI says that once my application is approved, CFAI will send me an email and I can activate my CFA membership with or without choosing to activate my NYSSA membership. CFAI says that it will take 0-30 calendar days for this to happen.

NYSSA says that my application has already been approved by NYSSA and that if I pay membership dues, my CFA membership will then be approved; otherwise, I have to wait 30 days for the NYSSA membership to expire, at which time I will be eligible to be a CFA member.

Does anyone know which of these is true?

Is anyone a member of NYSSA, and is it worth it?


odd. both of them are wrong in some way.

unless they just changed the rules, when you first get the charter you pay for CFAI and NYSSA membership fees. (Only for renewals, you don’t have to renew NYSSA.) So, as a new member, you get your application approved by CFAI first, then approved by NYSSA. both need to OK it before you get the official email.

It seems you are waiting for official status change from “under review-society” to “approved”. probably just an admin lag right now.

NYSSA worth it? depends. if job hunting/networking, maybe. If steady job+you pay fee, then generally no. if steady job+company pays fee, then sure why not.

Thanks so much – I pay the fee, hence my hesitation.

I just called the CFAI again, and this time they told me that NYSSA will make me wait the full 30 calendar days if I do not want to pay to join NYSSA. Otherwise, if I pay NYSSA, CFAI will approve me within a day or two.

Ha…not sure if it is worth $325 to get my CFA charter a few weeks faster.

It puts a bad taste in my mouth, the way NYSSA “extorts” a membership fee out of you.

So what is the general consensus here… do we see any snafu in NOT applying to NYSSA? Will I still be awarded the charter?

Meh, I’ll do it this year and if I get nothing out of it, never again.

I skipped NYSSA, waited 31 days, and then received the email to register from CFAI.

I went to NYSSA during lunch and handed over the application fee. They soon approved my work exp. I just paid CFA to activate my memebership along with few questions they ask. Got an email saying they recevied the fee.

From what i read here on AF, i am still waiting for something…until my name is infinitybenzo, CFA when i first log in? how many days will this take?