question on test 2PM schweser book 6

question # 104- why is D wrong?

was that the proxy battle vs. tender offer q? proxy is to get a member elected to the board, tender offer is to offer to purchase shares to gain more control. I missed that one. I don’t have the book in front of me but I went with B. No taxes at the corporate level? I read it to mean no taxes, and the shareholders certainly have to pay cg. I took the 2PM today. I haven’t reviewed it thoroughly yet but I killed the first 40 questions and bombed the last 20, the last 2 vignettes OWNED me. Econ and econ disguised as PM, you suck.

yes it was the proxy/tender. weird though- like all of the MSFT/YHOO stuff in the news, wasn’t the whole thing whether MSFT wanted to have a proxy battle for YHOO? i dunno, i’ll just learn it the way they want me to- tender is to purchase for control, proxy for board elections. so then is that what MSFT or Carl Icahn wants to do? Have a proxy battle to oust YHOO’s board? An outsider can just do that? Interesting. I didn’t read the taxes part well either, thought it was no taxes at all also and yes shareholders bear the burden of the taxes. I want to say i was 6/6 on the econ vignette. so far w/ econ the only q’s that have crushed me are the choose b/t the fisher relation and parity this or that- i don’t remember which is which, i just fumble through the numbers. PM and the corp fi merger were the 2 i went 3/6 for on this test. the one good thing i guess about my scores so far is that i’m consistent. my derivs scores suck but besides that, have been pretty even across the board. hopefully that means come test day i won’t get thrown enormous curveballs. hopefully. econ/PM this year have a lot of similarities- i fully expect international econ/PM disguised as one another as a vignette, maybe 2.