Question on work-expirience requirement

Hi All,

I am strongly considering in taking a CRM exam and i have a quick question about the requiring work-expirience. It was unclear to me whether, 2-year expirience is required after passing of Level 2, or I can have 2-years of expirience prior to taking Level I and Level 2.

Could anybody please clarify that for me.


GARP requires 2 years of work experience after passing the two FRM exams to receive the certificate. You have 5 years to gain the work experience after passing the FRM level II exam.


The experience has to be “relevant” as per GARP. Further, it can be prior or during or after passing P1 and P2. After passing P2, you will have 5 years to claim and get the experience approved - else you will have to reappear.

And a further clarification, they will only accept prior experience in the last (most recent) 5 years

Is this specified somewhere on the GARP website? I could not locate it on the site, but know someone whose experience was rejected because it was very old (>15 yrs old)