Question Pattern to guess the bond par value


I am finding it little tricky to get the par value of the bond. For instance the problem states this way - suppose an investor has $94.17 and places that fund in a CD that matures in 8 Years. What is the coupon interest?

Answer is $4 on a semi-annual basis. Here again it does not say that the coupon interest is payable on a semi-annual basis. I know that we are expected to know that US treasury securities are paid on a semi-annual basis. What other securities are payable on same term?

As a general rule, assume that all bonds are paid on a semi-annual basis unless the question explicitely tells you otherwise.

As Baron says, if nothing is mentioned then its a US treasury security and we assume its semi annual basis coupon payment.

Ive also seen questions from prep providers (I dont remember if CFAI books have such questions), they say its a European security - so we got to assume its annual basis coupon payment.

Hope this helps!