Question RE: Level 2 Exam

How much calculations are asked on the Level 2 exam? Is it like the Level 1 exam where there really wasn’t much calculations despite the fact that there were a lot of math in the textbooks? Thanks, ReTab

more calculations than L1…be prepared for a lot of formulas


Yes I concur. Level 2 is much more calculation intensive. Def know the important formulas in and out and be prepared to derive or alter formulas as well. Its not going to be plug and chug. They try to trick you at every step. So be on your toes. But look at the bright side, you can bring in a formula sheet right?

Nope, Who told you, you can bring a formula sheet!?..LOL You are not allowed any sheets, especially formula sheet and it will not be provided. There are about 10 pages of formulas you have to know for all 6 books. Some of the formulas overlap anyway from L1. Best way to learn the formulas is not to memorize them but to actually learn them through writing them down as you do problems.

My formula sheet did not help me at all in June.

We don’t have to actually derive the formulas right? Or do we just need to alter it by isolating another variable in the formula … I sure as hell hope so. Cos that would be a lot! ReTab

Here is my advice: Know the formulas inside out…it might sound hard but once you do some practice questions and keep writing those bad boys down they will come to you easily. Best way of learning them is to actually know what they mean, how they were derived…that way you will ease through all the calculations you can be asked to do. No shortcuts here…just know it all…if you want to get through this exam, do not look for shortcuts, do not hope and wish something will be on there or not. Do not overlook anything…I paid dearly for not studying two small topics in June 07 and now writing it again…just my $0.02

I believe its “how many calculations are” or “how much calculation is required” anyway, not alot is required as CFAI is trying to move more towards qualitative analysis. I think I read somehwere that 30% of the questions involve calculations. with that said however, learn the formulas dude

dieselbp67 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I believe its > “how many calculations are” > or > “how much calculation is required” > … > anyway, not alot is required as CFAI is trying to Along those lines: “its” is possessive (as opposed to “it’s”, which is an abbreviation for “it is”), and “a lot” is has a space in between. Suffice it to say that correcting grammar and spelling on AF is futile. Otherwise, I agree completely with your point about learning the formulas. Mastery of equations enforces our understanding of the material and is likely to help us answer qualitative, as well as quantitative questions.

Cool. Thanks for the info guys! ReTab