Question regarding CFA candidacy and resume

Hi guys, Quick question… I’m a Level II candidate taking the exam in June 2009. I’m trying to find a new job related to the investment field so I can get my 4 years experience. Anyone know where to put that I’m a Level II candidate in my resume? Under education, other information, somewhere else?

I put mine under education which is the top section, just to make it stand out.

If you do that, I would call it Education and Professional Training

Under the section labeled “Superior Skills and Abilities.” Make sure to bold that entire section.

kmf229 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m trying to find a new > job related to the investment field so I can get > my 4 years experience. That’s odd. Most people enter the CFA program to get a job or improve their job prospects. You seem to be going for a job to get your CFA designation.

I have the same question as well. it would be greatly helpful if anyone could show me exactly how you list it on the resume? thank you!

I listed it under the Other section like this: CFA Level II Candidate - June 2009 There. That’s it. Nothing fancy. I know everyone kind of wants to really make it stand out because of all the work they put into it, but it’s just one little line on my resume, near the bottom. The time to show you know your stuff is on the interview. I guess I have other stuff on my resume that makes me stand out. I read a post recently about how people who don’t really need the CFA on the resume are the ones most likely to benefit from it. It should be supplementary to other aspects on your resume. I’ve been getting calls and interviews which is kind of weird to me. I never received calls or interviews when I did my last job search about 1.5 years ago. Since then I worked hard on many aspects of improving my skills and candidacy for finance jobs - learning modeling, asking for analytical projects at work (not necessarily possible if you are in BO, but I’m in MO and do get some interesting stuff sometimes), reading finance books, applying for jobs, CFA, talking to friends in FO roles, etc. Anyway, good luck. EDIT: One thing I did do is started applying while I was waiting for L1 results. When I found out I passed, I signed up for L2, updated my resume, and then re-sent my resume and mentioned in the e-mail that I passed L1 and just wanted to give you an updated resume. A couple of jobs that I received no response from all of a sudden wanted to interview me the next day. So CFA helps!