Question regarding keynesian model

Hi, I am pretty new to Economics and CFA world. Starting preparation on my own for Jun 2009. Not sure if I have started it too early or its correct time !!! in any case , I am going to have pretty good practice on different aspects of exam. Now coming to actual question : I was going thru keynesian model and confuse as to how much weightage the model contains and do we expected to apply keynesian formulas in exam? Is it really important? Apologies if this is totally a dumb question (I know without keynesian , one can’t think of eco). In general also apart from keynesian model, do we require to do all the models?

Monetary policy is THE most important area in economics for the level 1. Unfotunately that’s the thoughest topic for me. Economics is an area you have to spend some time think through those concepts and graphs. It was tough for me. After somany repetitions I think I will be okay; I hope. BTW… good that you started early. Wecome to the forum!

But What about keynesian model? Does it carry any weightage? And regarding monetory policy, we need to remember all the equations?

I don’t remember any formula in that reading other than the one related to the quantity theory of Money. I would suggest read the material and do some questions to get a feel of the questions that show up on the exam.

For june 09 exam … after the june 08 exam we can talk for a year …

Try to understand more of the underlying concepts in Econ instead of just the formulas. CFA tests more on how if one variable changes, rest will get affected thru graphs and related stuff. I dont remember mugging many formulas in keynesian etc.