Question regarding Qbank questions

I have been going through q bank and have notice that many of the questions are simply repeats with the answers mixed around. For example, they will ask a question, and give you the choices, and then ask the very same question several more times with the same answer choices, however, the choices are in a different order. In the end, the questions and answers are word for word the same, it is only the order of choices that differ. Anyone else find this to be true?

Yes, when you notice the questions are starting to repeat, move on to the next section. When you’re in “Browse Questions” there is a limited number of Q’s before you get repeats.

Thanks. Therefore, to be accurate, there really are not over 4,000 questions in Q bank as Schweser says. There are probably about 2,000 questions, which are simply repeated, to arrive at 4,000.

As much as Q Bank questions are easy, the real questions on the exam are not that hard but very conceptual. I did fail in June but I did hit 70+ in FSA with no accounting/finance background and a 10 band using only Schweser Q Bank and Schweser text. This time around, i should be finished the Scwheser books by September and ethics CFAI book by mid-September, I will try to get 100% in Q Bank and do all the questions at the end of each LOS in CFAI. If you could answer each question in back of the CFAI books, you should be fine as long as you keep practicing.

Have you looked at the questions in “Test Management.” I’m pretty sure there are questions in there that are not in “Browse Questions.”

one last dumb question: anyone know why the Q bank tests have a dash with 4 more numbers. Example: Question 102-5443???