Question regarding Schweser videos


Need a help with choosing a package with Schwezer study material. They have this package for 479$. I do self study and hence rely heavily on available videos. For level 1 there were plenty available on youtube and I liked Fintree once a lot. Unfortunately, they do not have videos for level 2.

Two questions"

  1. Schweser videos available in this package of 479 - are they recorded and available any time like any other videos we access on you tube or do we have to attend classes as per given scheduele

  2. Any other recommended video provider?

Appreciate your help in advane.




i did all my studying (CAIA and FRM) with Kaplan/Schweser and can say the following. The video package was worth it in 3 out of 4 times. The only wasteful was CAIA level 2 - Greg, the instructor there, just seemed to spend time reading the books to us and bored the hell out of me.

Everyone else, including David, who does FRM part 2 was brilliant. In fact, he was my favorite instructor - super detail oriented, was there during the breaks to answer any questions/run over stuff again, very responsive on instructor link as well. And I believe he also mind coaches you, so to speak. His advice on how to approach the exam came very handy on the day.

I passed all exams on first attempts with fairly high results. For FRM part 2 i got 1-1-1-3-2 and that was the exam i spent the least time preparing for (due to moving counties and my second child’s birth 3 month before the exam). I would estimate my time investment to have been around 120 h, including the time I spent on lectures. You don’t have to attend them live, they all get recorded, although I would still try to make it to the live stream, as you can ask questions straight away and get them answered. Good luck!