Question regarding to the Schweser's Qbank

Hi there, I believe everyone have a good weekend. November is approached and we have one more month to go. Couple days ago, I tried to work on the questions from Qbank. The result is just ok. I search around in this forum, and I found that some people mention the Qbank does not help much. Since the questions from Qbank are not similar to the actual CFA exam. Is it true? Any suggestion for me? What should I do for practice? Thanks!

Use Q-Bank to see if you get the concepts. Good scores there mean you get it. Then the last few weeks spend doing Book 6 exams and the CFAI online exams. That’ll twist your mind to be able to use these concepts in exam-style format. Good luck.

qbank is ok for gaining an understanding of the concepts. theres 4000 questions and if you do as many of those as you can that should help for the exam.