Question to the CFA charterholders...

So are you guys planning on paying annual dues for the rest of your professional lives?

My firm covers it so I could care a less. But if they pull it, I won’t pay CFAI a cent. Willy

It is like your property tax on home. Never goes away.

What happens if you don’t pay for a few years?

Firm pays it. Some of the guys here dont maintain it. They all seem to be quants. Not sure whether there is any correlation in it. I’ll ask them.

You can still boast that you’ve cleared Level 3, which indirectly makes you a charterholder, no?

I wonder if you have to send back your giant charter paper if you stop paying? :wink: You’re certainly supposed to take if off the wall, I guess. “Dear CFAI, I used to be a charterholder, but during the last depression I stopped paying dues and duly burned my charter so that no one would see it and think that I am a current charterholder. Now that the economy has recovered, and I’d like to start paying my dues again, may I have another to frame on my wall?”

My firm pays for it so I’m good, but there’s a reduced fee now: Financial Crisis Membership Discount Renewing members who are not currently employed due to market conditions can apply for a US$40 reduced membership rate

what a bummer. when i first read the thread title i thought the OP would say - “was it worth it?” lol

I thought this was covered somewhere in the ethics portion…

I thought this was covered somewhere in the ethics portion… haha