question to who has over 70% at Schweser practice exam

Just wondered the one who got over 70% in Schweser book 6 exam has finished the CFAI curriculum EOCs . As I feel rather difficult for the Schweser practice exam as the one who did not take EOCs yet. Is it possible to get over 70% at book 6 with only finishing Schweser + concept checker?

Not really the concept checkers are pretty light weight. I did about 1/2 of the EOC’s I think at this point you would be better off doing the Mock exams they give you the 6 exams plus the CFAI mock. It will conservatively take you 30 hours to do the EOC’s, 17, 18 alone are about 6-8 hours. I think allot of the people you see scoring high on the schweser books are 2nd timers.