Question: Upper Mark QBank

Hi guys,

I will be using the Wiley book to cover the syllabus. Hear it’s enough. no need to spend hundres of dollars on UM or Schweser.

However, I heard the Qbank by UM is great. Anyone agree? You reccommend using it as you go throug hthe syllabus or go through it all in the few weeks leading up to the exam?


C Nicolaides

Hey C,

I like it, I use it after each chapter as they suggest.

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I used the test bank for both levels and passed but I did the questions after reading through the CAIA books, especially the case studies on Level 2.

Is UM Qbank sufficient for L2?

By articles you mean the journals from the CAIA book and not the summarized versions from UM? I seem to find the UM summarized version more direct and easier to comprehend. Happy to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for the help lilJamie.