Question. Would you got a school if you knew acceptance rate was > 50%


It is OK if it is a top 10-15 part time program. No full time program worth its weight had such a high acceptance rate.

How is it ok if it is a part time program? I want part-time program to be as selective as full-time

What is the program? Why beat around the bush - it’s case by case and depends on your opportunity cost.

Because part time programs always have a higher acceptance rate.

The question is why?

Um, because fewer people apply for the number of available spots (supply and demand) and yield is high due to geography. NYU part time yield is like 90 percent - better than Harvard or Stanford full time. This is because part time candidates are not going to relocate and generally only apply to one or two schools.

It could happen because I wouldn’t look at acceptance rates if I applied.

And? NYU has over 1900 part time students.

I had a coworker tell me part time MBA at NYU stern was an utter joke, as people barely studied and teachers have to curve it up. her exact words

^But isn’t a PT MBA from NYU still an MBA from NYU? Who’s gonna know the difference after you graduate?

And most of the schools that I went to were virtually open enrollment. But I didn’t know any better at the time.

^ It’ll take you more time so i’m guessing everyone.

Are PT students allowed to sit with FT students during recruitment season?

generally no. many schools don’t even open on-campus recruitment to part-timers. I heard Booth literally segregates you to wear like a different color badge or something in class

NYU recently integrated recuriting for full-time and part-time students. I don’t have a first hand experience since can’t comment on placement quality

how hard isit to get into NYu or Columbia?

you mean part timers have full access to the entire recruiting sessions and compete in the same pools as the FT?

I would be very surprised if true.

Would definitely make people question the extra money forgone to go full time.

^Yeah you get a different color band or badge etc. Thats not to say you cannot be successful with a PT MBA…


Often part of the appeal of part time is that your company is subsidizing your education, so of course in those cases they wouldn’t want you participating in recruiting.