Remember that pesky Level 1 Exam? I’m curious to know some of your Schweser Q Bank, Book 6 Practice Exams, and CFAI Practice Exams scoring compared to the actual exam. Also, where should one focus most of their attention? So far I am at a 63 on the Schweser Q Bank CFA Weighted Exam. Please Advise.

I have yet to take a mock exam (either CFAI or book 6/7), but scores usually dropped by some 5-10% margin for me last year. Everyone seems to agree on scoring high 70’s to low 80’s on Qbank suggest that you are doing fine.

all i can think of is that scene in billy madison in response to L1 being pesky- “don’t you say that. Don’t you ever say that. Stay (t)here. Stay (t)here as long as you can. For the love of God, cherish it! You have to cherish it!” for L1 i’d say FSA FSA FSA. your rock a 70%+ on that and ethics and stay middle of the road everywhere else, you’ve got a decent shot. crush FSA. that seems to be the key to L1. good luck.

you’re almost there. i think you want to be in the mid 70s on schweser. and about the same for the cfai online tests to be feeling good going into the test. good luck.

Agree with all of the above. I was in the mid/upper 70’s on Q’bank up until about 2-3 weeks in and then 80’s for the remainder. My first CFAI test I think I got a 64%, next one was 76 I think 3rd 84. You can always improve on your first tests with enough time. Scoring low on my first test gave me a kick in the butt to concentrate more and not make silly mistakes. I like JD’s breakdown of pass rates and scores on this thread. Would think that’s pretty accurate.,696560,696780#msg-696780

I was in the 80’s in the Q-bank by test time. I was scoring around 80 on book 6 and upper 70’s. The actual test was much more qualitative than the schweser practice exams. Last year the L1 schweser guy said you should feel pretty good if you’re hitting mid 70’s.