has anyone done a dec L1 and then a June L11? i have just taken my level 1 and am hoping to pass. just curious to see what others did in this same situation… like when they started studying for level 2. did they wait until the middle of jan? or did they review ethics initially until the results came out. or did someone actually buy study notes ahead of time b4 actually finding out their grades?

Many on this board have done it, including myself. I was so confident I passed Level I, that I ordered my Schweser books for Level II in mid January.

hey nikko, relax…wait till the results are out and if you pass, purchase L2 books the v same day. I am not sure how deep you’ve delved into finance (derivative, fi, equity, etc) in your prior life, but 4 quality months of approx. 250+ hours of studying should do the trick!

thanks for the feedback…

Nikko - I’m in your same situation. But I think it’s going to take me MORE than the suggested 250 hours of study for L2 based on what I think (and hope) will be a “just barely” pass. I’ve got to do some reading over the holiday season - desparately looking around for materials. Any ideas? Maybe ebay?

My friend passed L1 Dec / L2 Jun and he’s not even really in the industry (related, but not much overlap). He said: of course it’s extremely difficult, BUT we do have two real advantages: 1) the material is fresh in our minds, and 2) we don’t have to re-learn the study routine. However, I’m afraid we could lose both of these advantages if we are completely idle for 6 weeks plus the time for delivery of materials. I’m now searching for something to study…

I am of the belief that it will take much more than 250 study hours to pass L2. Last year’s pass rate was 40%, so the competition will be stiff this year.

This might help: