Questions about L3

Hello guys,

I have a few questions about level 3:

First off, when did most of you guys start studying? I need to take one of the series exams so I won’t be able to start as early as I did for level 2.

Secondly, I’ve heard that the number of pages in the level 3 curriculum is much lower than it was for level 1. Can anyone tell me by how much, and does this mean that the number of pages in Schweser for level 3 will also be much lower than for level 2?


I started in March but I would recommend starting earier, my scores weren’t spectacular.

I think I counted 2400 PDF pages for L3 CFAI curriculum. Yes the curriculum for both CFAI and Schweser is shorter.

I started in December. Had just a new job so couldn’t focus as much on exam though.

I think L1 and L2 were in the 3000-3200 range, and L3 is in the 2200 range. But don’t let the page count fool you. While there is less material and arguably easier content to understand, the test is extremely difficult.

I started in December but lost one important month of March due to personal reasons. Still managed to pass. But it was my second attempt. I never counted the number of pages of curriculum! Level 3 is a different beast and some might be deceived by the ‘lighter’ curriculum/easier readings/lesser formulae’…but better not to fall into those traps.

I would recommend that you don’t pressure yourself. Just start as soon as you humanly can after the series exam to enable you have ample time. I concur with the others in that the test is totally different and needs a different style of studying.

If you don’t start immediately, you will fail…

Just kidding…

The earlier, the better. Study hard and over practice with significant emphasis on the AM.

I started studying in late January / early February. I work anywhere between 50 - 80 hours a week, somtimes weekends (when deals are live) and travel nearly every other week for work. I’m also married.

I say all this because I feel that people on this forum tend to blow the amount of study time required out of proportion. The key for me was to really spend the last 6 weeks doing every single EoC question and lots of mocks (I didn’t do a single timed mock). Review and repeat.

I used Schweser but then bought GoStudy’s materials at the last minute. Quality wasn’t always perfect but it was helpful seeing the same messages written with different explanations.