Questions about Study Guide 1, Level I

I’m looking to take the level I exam in June 2008, but I believe I downloaded the first study session for the 2007 exam off of CFAi’s website. Is there any significant difference between the 2007 and 2008 guides? Also, with reference to GIPS, what exactly are we expected to know? It says on page 120 of the guide that “…Level I candidates only need to prepare to be tested on the present note and on the Preface, Introduction, and Provisions of the [GIPS] through the end of Section II.0, Fundamentals of Compliance.” Does that mean we won’t be tested on anything after page 129 in the text? (Page numbers reference the 2007 study guide.)

CFAI usually makes changes to the LOS each year so I would make sure to get the 2008 study guide.