Questions about the morning exam

Got 2 quick questions about the morning session:

  • do we have to answer in order? or can we jump around as long as our answers on the lined paper provided clearly indicate the question to which our responses refer?

  • do we get penalized for leaving parts of questions or (god forbid) entire questions blank? Just had a look at the guide for answering the essay questions and it says “common reasons that graders give for poor candidate performance on the essay portion of the Level III” include those who “neglected to answer part of the question (especially if a several part question)”.

For the second point, I assume there’s no additional penalty for giving no answers (i.e. just leave it blank)? We’ll just get no marks … right?

Got destroyed on the 2011 AM only scored approximately 57% missing a whole question and making silly mistakes here and there. So far im hitting high 50s low 60s on the AM … to be honest it looks like i’ll be on here again next year with scores like that :). Anyone else feel that way?

I wouldn’t jump around in AM section, I find it very hard to keep track of time that way but that’s just me.

Dont worry, there are other people on the same boat, keep fighting!

Yes jump around but not within each quesiton since 2b might be contingent upon 2a.

Of course you get penalized! It’s like leaving a scantron blank.

I too am making stupid mistakes, the typical least likely vs most likely questions.

One thing I noticed however for written questions, especially IPS… end of day, the ANSWER IS IN THE story. Maybe not the case with derivatives where some calcs are involved but when it comes to IPS, you should find comfort in that it’s buried somewhere in there - you just have to look =)

Don’t get down, I know others talk abou burning out, taking it easy last few days but you still have a solid 3 days left to bring up that score. Find where you’re weakest and keep pounding those sections.

By penalty I mean, the lowest we can get on on a section of a question (or whole question) is a zero. They will not mark us down additionally for not providing an answer (negative marking). It just seems so obvious that we’d get zero for leaving a question blank I wonder why they’d mention it as a reason for poor performance.

Buddy- You’ve officially gone off the deep end.