Questions for Lv III exam and CFA Charter

My first question here:) Should I take the Lv III exam now? I don’t have any work experience and will graduate from grad school (science major) summer 2009. How much time do we have to get the charter after passing all the 3 exams? Apparently the earliest time when I can fulfill the work experience requirement will be around 2013. Are the exam results still valid by then? I am thinking of taking the Lv III exam next June. Can anyone give me some advice?

I’m also a level III candidate. I’m working in finance but won’t be getting the charter until another year in the industry. As long as you have time; i.e. if you’re not busy doing your master’s thesis, I’d say it’s a good idea to get the exam over with. As far as I know, you just need to pass the tests within 7 years since your initial registration date. Your exam results will always be valid.

Kyle, can you point out where the CFAI gives the 7 year policy? AFAIK you don’t have to complete the program within a specified time period, but I did hear the 7 year thing somewhere else too… so I’m curious.

The 7 year window has been eliminated since 2005. EDIT: You may research

FYI: Do I have to take the exams in three years? No. You do not have to complete the CFA Program within a specified time frame, and there is no limit to the number of times you can take an exam. You do not need to repeat an exam level that you already have passed, regardless of the time that elapses between exams.

anishcandy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The 7 year window has been eliminated since 2005. > > EDIT: You may research haha thanks. i realize i can research… and i did. as i noted, i knew that there was no time frame… straight from the CFAI site. which is why i asked Kyle to point out where he saw the 7year. i had heard it before and wanted to know the source of the rumour. thanks for pointing out that it is no longer valid since 2005.

i took the exams a long way apart… not sure if i was grand-fathered (LOL) in the rules, but i think not. so i think there is no time limit nor limit to number of times taking… not sure about passing all 3 levels and not having work experience for a number of further years… basically, i think they want your money.

Thanks Kyle, anishcandy, atulshandilya14! I researched the CFAI website FAQs, but did not find the exact answer. I think I will register for next Lv III exam and take it when I still get time.