questions in official textbooks vs real CFA exam questions

I haven’t managed my time wisely and even though I have taken off a week to study for the exam, I haven’t been able to cover all the topics. In particular, I don’t think I will do that well on fixed income and accounting.

I am working on the ethics section now and I’m wondering whether the questions in the textbook are similar to those we will be getting on the real exam.

Also, are questions in the textbooks sufficient preparation for the real questions in general, since I don’t have time to go through any mock exams?


Yes, I believe the ethics questions in the text as well as the examples are more than sufficient for a good prep. anyone wise man will be studying those right now. You, my friend are wise

It would be a lot better if you could do some practice tests, even one test is better than nothing. Why are you playing on the internet? Shouldn’t you be studying?

to be honest, i am all worn out for the day. if worst comes to worst, i will just have to redo it in june lol honestly, i am not biggest fan of the CFA, but over time it has become some sort of an entry barrier in my country and you can’t do away with it