questions on EV, invested capital and multicollinear

Q1, What is the debt in EV and invested capital? Is it just the long term debt? Q2, for testing of multicollinear, is the first to check if the correlation is >0.7, if correlation is not provided, then test by, if f stat is significant, r square is high, and non of the t stat is significant? Q3. For mock 2014 am, Jacob Smith is a hedge fund… Q3, after adjusting lifo liquidation, should it be add back the decrease in cost of goods sold, why the answer is to minus it??? Thank you !!

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Anyone can help ?

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in enterprise value the debt is Market value of debt. if not explicitly given I myself use the book value on long term debt, Lifo liquidation decreases COGS, to adjust for it we must add back the amount of liquidation to COGS which in decrease Gross Profit

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