Questions on write-downs

The following is a question on the Schweser QBank:

“The most likely effect of a write-down of inventory to net realizable value on a firm’s quick ratio is?”

The correct answer is “no change”.

Wouldn’t an inventory write-down lead to a decrease in EBIT through higher COGS? Therefore, leading to a reduction in taxes paid by (write-down)(1 - tax rate). Wouldn’t this increase cash and the numerator of the current ratio?

Probably not.

An inventory write-down is an unrealized loss. Most tax authorities don’t let you deduct unrealized losses (nor do they require that you add unrealized gains); they wait for the loss (or gain) to be realized through a (sales) transaction.

I think I figured it out. The question doesn’t explicitly state that the write down should be translated into higher COGS. I think it should get credited to the contra asset (bad inventory estimate) which is already baked into COGS.

Either way, it’s going to reduce net income, but not tax liability.