Questions regarding my approach

Hello everyone, I registered to take the CFA level 1 in December and started studying about 1.5 weeks ago. I study 2-3 hours each day and I am currently on basics of quantative methods. I achieved my bachelors in finance so this type of material is relatively easy to me. I planned on cranking up my study sessions around June to 20 hours a week. However, I have read that many people dont even read the CFA books and only go through Schweser. Can I please have some clarity on that? And do you feel that my method of studying is appropriate as of right now?

You’re way ahead of the game if starting now for December. Schweser is a very popular 3rd party exam provider, and for nearly all purposes, taking L1 using Schweser is very adequate.

If you have a finance background already, you’re probably going to be overkill for level 1 if you’re starting now. Of course everyone is different and you know where you’re at better than anyone else, but that is A LOT of time and you might forget some of the concepts you’re studying now by exam day.

To answer the question, I passed all 3 levels using almost exclusively only schweser (I used some of the CFAI books for level 3).