quick calculator question

i’m an idiot for just now starting to use my BAII plus. i’ve been using the TI 83 out of habit. and, wouldn’t you know it, i can’t get the BAII plus to show me more than a few digits. Is there some simple button (maybe sigfigs) that i need to press to fix this so that 5.89 x 12.36 doesn’t just give me 60? thanks.

2nd format (above the .)

Press 2nd and then the “.” button on the first bottom row buttons (the one with Format above it). At DEC (which is short for Decimal) insert whatever number of decimals you want. I would put 4.

yes: 2nd format set Dec to 9 also take a look at your manual will tell you all kinds of tricks such as: you can do sum of year digits and double declining deprc on your calc !! breakeven analysis and much much more…

ok great. thanks guys.