Quick Ethics Question - What Is The Correct Answer?

Which of the following statements regarding research reports is/are CORRECT according to the Standards of Practice Handbook? I. Members should outline known limitations of their analysis. II. Reports should be supported by background and supporting information, and this information should be available to interested parties. III. Members must include all relevant factors in research reports. II and III. I and II. I and III. I, II, and III.

I put II and III, and got it wrong

I and II?

I and II, it is.

Don’t really like this question for the choie of answers., as an amswer, II, makes sense. not sure about I, how can you be sure of the limitation of your analysis,even if you state such a limitation you feel is warranted, does that imply you have covered all limitations???

whatever limiitations you know, you should disclose… if others are found after the fact - that is not an issue.