Quick Question for Both groups, who made it and who didn't

hi all, I been following this forum for a while and found out that most people use test preparation provider for the L1 exam. That includes those too who unfortunately couldn’t able to make it out despite doing tons of questions and study notes and all other material. However, i am wondering did all of you(both who made it and who didn’t) read the CFAI text books or just the study notes. I am short on budget and therefore reading exclusively from textbook only. Do i really need to get the test preparation material. by the way, i bought a practice questions from elan guides and doing the question and might do some mock exams later on when i finish the whole curriculum . Does CFAI text book + practice question is good enough to pass the exam? thanx in advance

You WILL be be FINE if you can: 1. Put in the time. 2. Leave enough time at the end for review. 3. Get enough practice If you feel that you’re having trouble putting it all together/retaining everything then get the 11th hour guide. Good luck!!

Mock exams are not a maybe. You MUST do mock exams. ESPECIALLY for Lvl 1.

Mocks are key - i think i did 6-7 for level I. Id say they are even more key for LII as it takes a little getting used to the new format and how to go about the vignettes. I also highly recommend doing a live mock (in person, at a site). That way you really have a “true” scenario where yuo can judge your timing, have no distractions, and see how you feel. Me personally, i used pretty much only Schweser for LI and LII (did a few EOC question from CFAI for LI and several more for LII) and passed both on first try. I really dont think its the materials you use, Like JonnyKay said its all about practice and review review review

thanx for your inputs. will definitely follow now.