Quick Question for Retakers

I just began going through the EOC questions (Beginning with quant) — at the end of each Quant section there are 6 question item sets (which I guess are similar in format to the exam). I have found these to be infinitely easier than the pages of questions leading up to these item sets.

Can anyone chime in as to how these item sets compare in difficulty to the sets asked on the exam? Probably a pipe dream to expect the item sets on test day to be as basic as these EOC item sets?

I was shocked that in the last exam (the 3rd one for me) I failed quant, although I am fairly good at quant and I did all the EOC problems fairly easily. That was my experience.

Good for you going through the ordeal for a 3rd time – I appreciate your feedback ( wish you luck) and this is precisely my concern. At a basic to intermediate level I find the quant material easy – which is why I think these EOC item sets are easier than the individual questions. If presented with a vignette similar to these item sets I would have no problem. If presented with a random set consisting of the more advanced/expert EOC questions — I will definitely fail the quant section…

Can I get any other commentary on this? Doesn’t have to be specifically quant related as throughout the EOC questions I have noticed that the Item-set type questions to be MUCH easier than the standalone EOC Questions. Hearing Dreary’s comments about being able to crush the EOC questions but still failing the section of the exam has me a little frightened… I was thinking if you were able to do EOC questions cold that you were very prepared come exam day… Thoughts?

Also rank the following for the last week: Schweser Mocks vs. CFAI Mocks, Vs. CFAI Sample VS. EOC. Vs Blue Box vs. Advanced Q Bank for review.

I’m guessing it will be: CFAI Mocks>CFAI Samples>Schweser Mocks>EOC>Blue Box> Advanced QBank

I see what you saying but honestly quant looks ugly at first but once you do it again during review its just a very straight forward section I actually think quant were deeper in LVL 1. However they can really be a bitch the CFA if they want; they can go into the nastiness of time series and ARCH or ARMA or cointegration testing which is much harder and not much tested in practice questions!