Quick question for those that just sat for LI

quick question – was level 1 offered in all cities? in particular, was the exam offered in denver?

No I don’t think so… in June my friend took lvl 1 in NJ but since there are no other tests given in December she had to take it in NYC on Saturday… So lvl 1 in December is not available in all cities.

It’ll be in Denver for the summer, I think it was for Dec too. It is definitely in far fewer cities in December though…I had to travel to Chicago from Kansas City to take the test.

Just wrote the exam in Denver.


Yeah I’m signed up for L1 in June 2010. I think its held in Broomfield. Let me know if you are looking for a study partner.

You can probably go to the CFA website and find out for sure

I took the level 1 test last week in Denver…first time there, I liked the city…even though I saw the damn Nugs beat my Heat on Thursday night.