Quick question on "determine".

I’ve been answering the “determine” questions with very short answers. So if the question says “determine the two appropriate corner portfolios to use”, I say “Portfolios 3 and 4”.

But sometimes the answers on the mock answer guidelines say things like “Portfolios 3 and 4 are the most appropriate because these sit on either side of the required return.”

Do I have to write that full answer? I don’t think so, because other questions say “Determine and justify”. This one doesn’t have justify, so why should I?

Any thoughts?

Same. Determine calls for a short answer, identifying what the questions asks for will do.

My takeaway from doing a number of mocks is to not really pay much attention to minor inconsistencies in the guideline answers because the mocks are laden with it (both Schweser and CFAI’s) and it’ll just cause you unneeded stress.

Honestly think the grading is a bit forgiving in how you structure your response. As long as it’s a direct answer to the question and makes sense, you’ll probably get the points.