Quick question on morning exam answering strat

If the question says something like ‘evaluate Jim’s risk tolerance and give one reason’ do you have to be careful to avoid giving multiple reasons? I can imagine that CFAI don’t want candidates to hedge their bets by spamming vague references to the usual drivers. On the other hand, I have trouble separating out components of answer to a question like that, especially around time horizons/age/wealth etc. Gl to all tomorrow.

Just to clarify the above, I guess what I’m asking is: If the question asks for one reason, under which of the following circumstances will you get the marks: You state two correct reasons. You state one correct reason and make one irrelevant point. You state one correct reason and one incorrect reason.

if the question asks for one thing, grader marks the first thing she reads and then stops. if you scratch something out she will skip over that and move to the next thing. don’t write more points then what the question asks for, it will waste time for you and probably irritate the grader.