Quick question on the charter - work experience

So this is another topic on the charter! As a heads-up I have done the experience check online but I wanted to better understand personal experiences on this.

To date I have:

  • 1.5 years in Back Office

  • 2.2 years in Middle Office (Investment Bank)

-1.3 years as Assistant Investment Manager

So I do no think I will bet on the back office experience, and the Asst. PM fully falls within the required experience. The question is on the IB Middle Office (for trading & structuring) and what your experience in getting it approved is like. I’m sure we have a lot of lads with a Middle Office / Operations background here in AF :slight_smile:

IB Middle Office is blended in terms of trade support and risk & control, so its the former that takes a larger weight and would have to emphasize when getting the work experience approved.

Any feedback is more than welcome!

I have 1.5 years of work experience in back-office trade settlement. but as long as you can justify why it addes value to the investment decision-making process (faster processing time, settlement) then you can argue that these implicit benefits to the investor. Or at least that’s how I worded mine. Just submitted it today. Probably won’t get looked at until next week sometime.

that seems reasonable. Based on CFAI’s examples the definition is pretty liberal.