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do you guys fully trust the third party research before making a stock purchase. Besides the company that you are familliar with and know a lot about it, this is a questions about a stock you never heard of, it is trading low and has a strong buy recommendation. Do you still do some yahoo finance search, look at company financial statement, read some news about it? or you just buy the stock of a strong buy. Thanks

I use third party research only for additional information and insight about the company and its business. But I do not give any weight to the buy/sell recommendation. I always do my own research and formulate an opinion based on that.

i feel the same way. I can not trust the recommendation a 100%. But again, how far would you go to formulate an opinion. do you just get some information from yahoo finance, and similar sources or you really dig in , get 10k and 10q, read them.

i dont mess with sell-side research, period.

how do you buy your stocks then?

i use bloomberg and company filings. bloomberg is great!

bloomberg stock report?

ssdnola Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > how do you buy your stocks then? we do “re-search”.

using only sell-side research violates our code of ethics which tell us to perform the due diligence… you can’t fully delegate research, if you do, check your objectives you have for being in this industry.

buy side uses sell side over industry overviews, I said it last week, no one cares about the ratings and price targets. They are skimming aggressviely for differentiated viewpts and industry overviews.

ssdnola Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > bloomberg stock report? bloomberg = bloomberg terminal. costs several thousand dollars to subscribe. it has comprehensive financial and related data about companies.