Quick Sand!!

So I have studied diligently for months, taken all book 6 exams, CFAI exams…the works, scored well. I have sacrificed the last few months of life for this, neglected work, my wife, friends. I feel good about my prep. Till a few days back, I was ready to take bets at work that I will pass… But as the day draws near, I feel a bit of nervousness, not so much a panic…but a doubt. Its like what TokyoBBB wrote in one of the posts “it takes a brain freeze to fail an exam” This is what worries me the most…a domino affect…bad ethics section, couple of nasty econ ones…and by the time I get to the meat of the paper (FSA & Asset Val), I am doubting my self…backtracking on my gut…It reminds me of that great scene from the movie Replacements, when Keanu Reeves is talking about quick sand. “You are playing and you think everything is going fine, but then one thing goes wrong, and then another…and another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink, till you can’t move, can’t breathe, 'coz you are in over your head…like quick sand”

you’ll be right mate…you sound like you’ve put in all the hard yards, so just walk into the exam with confidence… you’re walking into a fight…into a warzone… dont show your fear… walk in with your head held high… confident… chest out…confident… ready to break skulls… if you feel you’ve done everything you can to prepare, and theres nothing else to do, i find the best thing is to go through EVERY single post on this forum and try to answer someones question… engaging in conversation/debate helps you learn, and forces you to ask yourself if you really know it… i find that the best way to learn something is to teach it… good luck =)

Bluey 1.8T Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- >into a warzone… dont show your fear… > walk in with your head held high… confident… > chest out…confident… ready to break skulls… that sounds more scary than inspirational. Bluey mate, gotta take a break from all the studying every once in a while… :wink: delhirocks, I know what you’re saying but such a string of unfortunate events is highly unlikely. You’re overthinking this, you’ve studied hard, you just have to show up on saturday and do it. There’s no way you’re not passing this.

ahhaha for some reason i keep thinking of scenes from Platoon and Full Metal Jacket… yes, i think a break is needed =)

man, that flick was such a drag… but then again I’ve never been a huge stanley kubrick fan

you didn’t like Eyes Wide Shut?

aww that one’s classic! I completely forgot about that. Ok, let me rephrase that, I’m not a huge fan of war movies.

heheh i wonder if the CFAI began as a secret society… maybe the CFA designation is our ticket to one of those ‘parties’…hm…