Quick Sheet vs. Secret Sauce

Frnds, The count down has began and with the ticking clock I am getting more scared…and reading some of the topics on this forum I realised that I am not alone… I was wondering with such little time remaining… what do you all prefer for last minute revision… Quick sheet or the secret sauce…one is 6 page and brief and other one is comparatively detailed but approx 200 pages. Is it worth spending time studying then taking tests… Comments.

I use both. I read the Secret Sauce whenever I have time, lunch, before dinner, etc. The Quicksheet I use as a reference after doing practice questions, to make sure I used the proper equation or formula, or while I sit in bed waiting to get tired. The Quicksheet is useful for formulas but I dont think many concepts are on it. I study what I do poorly on in Practice tests to try and improve my weak areas. Hope that helps.

Albeit I am studying for December but it would seem that if you are trying to study as much as possible in the last few days you should focus on Secret Sauce and then take out the quicksheet whenever you cannot commit the time for a study session, IE lunch, the bus, etc.

Thanks guys that helps…