quick simple problem on monthly compounding

i’m new here and will sit in december, but just wondering how the keystrokes work on my HP 22c calculator for a problem like this…10,000.00 invested for 2 years earning 5% interest with no withdrawls would = 11,025. the problem i cant figure out is where the interest is compounded like monthly, so 24 interest periods, or quarterly (8 interest periods). i don’t know how to put that into the calculator correctly to come up w/ the correct answer. if it’s just compounded annually i key in 2 n 5 i 10,000.00 pv then hit fv and it computes it. how do i do it if the interest isn’t compounded annually?? there is a guide on the back of the calculator but i’ve found it unhelpful as i still can’t come up w/ the correct answer using the calculator…anybody used to using the HP model?

I’m not sure how it works on the 12C but on the TI BA-II I usually just divide it manually and key it into the calculator. So in this case, I will do: 5/12 -> I/Y 24 -> n

the HP is a different ballgame then b/c it basically forces you to input “n” first, then “i” then “pv”. i’ll figure it out i’m sure, but don’t want to take up 2 hours when someone could maybe explain it to me in 5 min.

I remember schweser notes have step-by-step instruction on both HP and TX. Also you can always follow the instruction booklet. Once you are get on the way, you will find it’s a piece of cake. Good luck.