Quicksheet...final study day

I just went thru my quicksheet. topic by topic, line by line. i jotted down anything that i felt weak or nervous on…some are broad: time series, some are specific: equivalent annual annuity calc. my plan tomorrow is to take that list and spend between 3-10 minutes on each item going over what i need to remember to allow me to get the correct answer. basically…trying to cram on very specific, testable items. i figure this might net me an extra 3 marks (total) on the exam. which could be difference between pass/fail. most of the AFers probably already in the comfort zone…but thought this might be an approach a handful of us on the bubble might use to make sure we end up on the right side of the line. good luck to all. and thanks to all the regulars.

I think the quicksheet’s great. Its the last thing I’ll be looking at before stepping into the temple of doom.