Quite a Few Topics Appears To Be New In Second Reading

I had done one entire reading of the topics and solved EOC questions. Now going back and looking at some of the topics, It seems i am reading those for the first time - what the heck? I remember understanding quite a many concepts while doing first reading. And now it seems i forgot many concepts. But Now little over 1 month to go…my stress level is increasing and it seems a gigantic task to do a thorough reading once again, solve EOC again, memorize formula… I have to also solve mocks…

How to manage studies well in short time left AND without panicking?

Any Kind Of Tip Will be Highly Appreciated

i’m also seeking advice with this!!

like you, i finished the first read and scored 80% or above on almost every EOC questions. I understood the material. I’m now going through doing notes for a 2nd time through and I’ve completely forgotten a large % of the material.

my plan is this: continue doing notes for entire 2nd time through (I know it’s a very lenghty process, but I’m giving myself a deadline of November 8th). That will leave me 4 weeks. I’ll then hammer questions for 2 weeks and start the memorizing process, then final 2 weeks do mocks.

i’d still like to hear other suggestions though…

Guys, don’t panic. You still have 6 weeks left.

If I were in your place, this is how I will revise. (read own notes + BB + EOC + memorize formula)

week 1-2 :3 short subjects each week (quant, portfolio mgt, ai, derivatives, econ, corp fin)

week 4: 2 subjects (FI, Ethics)

week 5: FRA

week 6: Equity

With mock exams every weekend in between.

I always put FRA and Equity in the last 2 weeks since these two carry the most weight in the exam.

Just relax. And take one step at a time.

Good luck!

Thanks so much jordanesque23