Quiz: Do you live in a bubble?


I scored 20.

Interesting test, but I reject this notion of a “bubble” being solely associated with upper or upper middle class. True, if you’ve only lived in an upper middle class neighborhood for your whole life, you miss out on some aspects of “American culture”. However, that is true for other socioeconomic levels as well. Unless you have some meaningful upward or downward social mobility, you still occupy a specific and probably isolated social stratum.

We could also extend this definition of “bubble” to international questions. For instance, ask each US person to find Iraq on a map. If most Americans cannot do this, then maybe what constitutes the US majority is a poor qualification for not being in a bubble.


  1. Started from the bottom now we’re here.


^I was on the train the other day when a homeless guy sang “started from the bottom now we’re here, started from the bottom and im still on the bottom. Give me booz money”

I got a 75.

48–99: A lifelong resident of a working-class neighborhood with average television and movie going habits.

I ain’t one of them highfalutin’ folk, like Black Omen…with yer indoor plumbing and yer…shoes. We don’t need none of them new fancy thangs like that.


  1. According to the test: I’m either a first generation upper middle class family from a regular middle class family, or I’m a second generation upper middle class family who makes an effort to get out quite a lot.

Yeah, I think it’s reasonable for figuring out how much the average middle class guy can relate to the non-upper-middle-class, but those aren’t the only people who are in bubbles.

I got 17. Even then, I think it’s because I watched all but two of the movies in that one question. Take that, commoners!

In all fairness though, a lot of these questions are related to American culture. So, as a foreign person, I don’t have many of those preferences of experiences. This does not mean foreign people do not have the same range of experiences. We just have experiences that do not overlap with those of most Americans.

I feel like Moff Jerjerrod in the presence of Darth Vader now.

46, fairly accurate I think.

  1. Shee-it. Need to hang out with the smelly and dumb folks more, especially on AF.

But come on, have you stocked your fridge with domestic beer? Watched Judge Judy all the way through? What do I look like, a masochist?

Also goes to prove that white people are way too convinced of their own eliteness if this quiz is supposed to prove that only privileged white preppies live in a bubble. The Bubble welcomes us all and encompasses us in its everloving arms without discrimination based on race, creed or orientation. There is safety (and hygiene) in the Bubble.

interesting “A first-generation upper-middle-class person with middle-class parents.” probably true. ha, that question about judge judy/oprah/Dr Phil was dead on!

I came to the US around kindergarten but was never into American pop culture so my results are probably biased down. My family was dirt poor when they came 30 years ago but their ancestors were upper middle class 100+ years ago in China but i still find it interesting the results they got despite my background… m

You got 34 points.

I think it’s because I only had saw one of the many TV/Movies that it listed.

48, about right, grew up in a now completely gentrified working class neighbourhood and raised by hardworking immigrant parents.


21 Hmmm… Prob because never had time for tv shows in US

Don’t be hatin’ on Judge Judy.