Quiz Performance

Hey guys,I’m practicing through quizzes given by kaplan schweser and getting an average accuracy of above 60 % peaking to 70% at highest ,can anyone tell at what level I’m in my preparation and what accuracy I should target for quizzes and Mock Practice Tetss.

If you are taking the test in December, you are ahead of the curve. Keep up the good work on the tests and you should be able to achieve a comfortable margin by the end of the year.

If you are testing next June, you are doing really great.

Whatever you do, don’t take your foot off the gas between now and your testing date. You don’t want to forget all the stuff that you now know.

I did the CFA mock exam the day it was released (Aug 15th I believe) for the Dec 2016 exam and came out with a 61%. I hadn’t studied or reviewed any material for about two months leading up to the mock because I was taking another course. I did the mock right away because and was interest to see what I would score after being away from the material for so long and I was reasonably pleased.

From what I have been able to gather… (In order of difficulty): CFA mocks and topic tests > schweser mocks > Actual Exam > CFA EOC’s > schweser EOC’s

I’d say you want to be scoring at least 65 percent on CFA mocks and topic tests by exam day (preferably over 70%). I have never used the schweser material but I understand the level one mocks are slightly harder than the actual exam and the CFA mocks are significantly harder than the actual exam.

If you are consistently getting at least 65% in CFA mocks/topic tests and at least 70% on the schweser mocks then it sounds like those scores place the majority of candidates in a pretty strong position to pass the actual exam.

That being said, people on AF have claimed they never scored over 65% on any of the mocks and still managed to pass the actual exam. I suspect that if situations like that are actually true then they most likely are either exceptionally bright, got lucky on exam day, saved by a lower MPS, or happened to be writing among a ‘weaker than normal’ pool of candidates… or some combination of these.

I am hoping to be scoring a consistent 75-80% on CFA mocks by exam day. It not only gives me a raw percentage margin of safety but a difficulty margin too.