Quoting previous posts

Occasionally when I quote a previous post in a thread, and post my reply, the quote will appear for an instant, then disappear. I have to go back and edit my reply to reinsert the quote.

Others have reported the same problem, so it’s not merely that the new site hates me.

Any ideas why this happens?

This is a test.

I’m unable to reproduce the issue.

Here’s a try.

Edit: it just did it for me: I quoted your “unable to reproduce the issue” post (highlighting the text and hitting Quote), and, as you see, there’s no quote here. It popped up for a moment, then vanished. It’s sporadic, so it doesn’t surprise me that you tried it a time or two without a problem.

Are you selecting the text from another post and hitting Quote or using another method?

Here’s another quoting issue: the first citation, above, should read “chadsandstedt”, not “S2000magician”.

Thanks for that info. I will look into this now.

So it looks like the system is designed to remove quotes from the most recent post since replying to the most recent post is assumed. If you are quoting from any other post it should always work. Please let me know if you experience behavior different than this.



Quoting multiple replies has been fixed.