Qusetion Abut Constructed-Response Question

I did the practice exams of Study Notes

and I found there were no any Constructed-Response Question about “Ethics”

But the FAQ of grading example, it had a column about “Ethics Constructed-Response Question”

So anyone know that “does 3 Constructed-Response Question MUST including one ethics question”?

or it depends? it might be 3 question without any Ethics question?

There was an essay on ethics on the last test. Was just like a regular CfA vignette but you had to essentially identify where the rules were broken. Each little vignette was several questions.

I don’t understand why the CAIA Association bothers with constructed response questions in CAIA Level II.

It seemed like they could have asked those same questions in a multiple-choice format – and covered a lot more of the curriculum in those two hours.

I agree completely, Wendy. Those essay questions really weren’t much different than a multiple choice question. I think the overall quality of the test was fairly poorly written. CFA exams are much higher in quality this way.

Not to say the test wasn’t difficult enough.

I suspect that the CAIAA’s (faulty) thinking was that since the final CFA exam has a constructed-response section, then the final CAIA exam would be improved by having a constructed-response section too.