R.I.P. Adam Yauch

MCA from Beastie Boys lost his battle with cancer…R.I.P. old friend.

Licensed to Ill = one of best albums ever produced


Check Your Head > Licensed to Ill

Wow, that just brought back a flood of '90s memories. RIP


Always wanted to see them live. Total bummer.

Sidebar - Rule of 3 is now in effect. Junior Seau, MCA…who’s next? I’m going with Bob Barker.

I really liked their newest album.

My rule of three vote is Ric Flair

Chuck Sheen

Wow, I saw these guys years ago at Lollapalooza 94 it might have been.

“No sleep till Brooklyn” is an awesome classic


Who would have thought that the Llama would outlive him?

Check Your Head > Ill Communication > Paul’s Boutique > Liscensed to Ill >= Hello Nasty > Hot Sauce Committee 2 > To the 5 Boroughs, IMO, but every one of those albums kicks ass. I really like their last album, it’s classic BBoys. I always used to listen to their instrumental albums when studying for CFA.

Saw them 3 times, including their last tour in 2004. They still f_ing rocked. Can’t believe I’ve seen my last BBoys concert.


“What’s your secret, Peter?”

“Naturally, I’d say its the wine.” “Hmmm. It does go well with the chicken (tikka).”

“Delicious again, Peter.”

“That’s insane, you’re stupid. You should sleep late man, it’s much easier on you constitution.”

Mark on the bus… nice

'Yo, I don’t hang out with those guys man

I ain’t got nothing to do with those dudes!’

'Man I saw your female with them too, whats up wit her?

I hear that she’s been giving that stuff out to all them graffiti guys.’

‘Yo, shut the fuck up Chico man!’

‘I’d paint three of those murals for some of that ass.’

"Professor, what’s another word for pirate’s treasure?

“Why I think it’s booty, booty, boo, bo, booty. That’s what it is.”

Yea, I got, more bounce to the f_ing bumpin. And you wanna know why because I’m mother f_ing truckin.

saw mixmaster mike once ( supporting GnR ) , never saw the beastie boys proper


“Sh_t, if this going to be that kind of a party I’m gonna stick my **** in the mashed potatoes”

I listen to “The In Sound from Way Out” a lot, the instrumental stuff they started doing was interesting and always well produced. Really sucks people have to die.

The Mix-Up was really good. All original instrumental material. I listened to that album almost daily while studying for L3.

I think the instrumental stuff is something they could keep doing without MCA (although they’d need someone to play the stand-up bass).