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Anybody read this stuff? I never did have much of an online presence, so maybe I’m just completely naive to what’s out there. But man, these are some real degenerate gamblers. And there’s over 1.8m subscribers.

What amazes me is not the gambling, but the glorification of losses, as if it’s a badge of honour. It’s bizarre. Now granted, most of the ppl posting there are probably rolling the dice on their 5k life savings, but still. It’s comical to watch. Notably, TSLA is a fan favourite there and for some reason they can’t figure out why the stock price won’t hit their weekly expiration 2K price.

Anyways, it did get me thinking more about options, which I rarely if ever use. I was thinking more so in terms of selling covered calls on my long positions. Anybody have any success with this as an income generator?

You know those seminars that go on at hotels about investing?? It’s usually covered calls and/or distressed real estate, so go to it and make us proud!!! :star_struck: :partying_face: :slot_machine: :game_die:

Lol. Maybe. But isn’t there a strategy here? I’ve held bank stock for years and the trading range is fairly tight. If I get called, so be it, but I’d probably sell the call well out of the money. Clearly small gains, but it’s almost why not? I don’t know. Looking for a friend

I have not been able to do options since 2010 when I was in college and very poor. But these are strategies I wish to employ in the future.
the best strategy is buying an otm leap call but they are only employed when markets are down a lot near the end of a recession. Can’t do it too early and you’ll have to do it on a monthly basis. Same size bets.
When you feel markets are falling I would prefer selling puts to basically have them exercise at points I’d like to buy them including a decent premium yield.
Selling puts is literally the same as covered calls. Except the fact that you collect the dividend. Collect the premium. I think this is a better strategy when there is a lot of dividends. But if prices rise your stock gets called.
Personally I prefer buying to a lower-position than selling on the upside.

I see your point. Whether it’s selling puts or calls on my long position, I’m thinking why not? Sell short term out of the money options and collect pennies on the dollar. I have a few sizeable positions that I’ve acquired over the years that generally trade in a tight range… why not collect a few extra dollars. Downside is there’s a sharp movement against me, which generally happens once a decade with these companies.

Leaps are something I’d like to learn more about. That’s not the play I’m immediately interested in because it’s a bet, but also why not throw a few dollars at some flyers with a 1yr+ horizon.

It’s definitely a trend. They move stocks sometimes. Pretty funny to read

The premium is where they get you atm. Otm is best way to go about it, problem is majority expire worthless. So you have to be really right!