R2 between time and until exam and degredation in quality of posts/questions = 1.00

True or false?

You didn’t clarify if the beta was pos or neg


-1 (correlation).

I think the pace and quality has really picked up – reflecting that a lot of folks are working really hard right now.

I would say it’s well-diversified…in an efficient “market”.

The question implicitly queries: have we had a regime change due to the proximity of the test?

I think the increase in negative events is expected due to the increased volume. Kind of like increased correlation in global markets.

the other day i was talking to my calculator and today i see the replies of this post.

feel much better now

What did it say back to you? I had a similar conversation and mine said “I’m gonna die on your ass during the exam and all my screws are going to be stripped… by the way, I killed my brother”

Thought it was kind of odd.

ah yes, i see the classic exam dementia has started to set in.