Race to Nowhere or Should I go for Level 3


I’am stuck in kind of a weird siituation: I started working in finance a couple of years ago (while I was a student) - the first position was in wealth management. Then I found out that the most appealing job is IB (colleagues advise as so on)…and therfore started to improve my chances to get into IB and deceide to go for CFA. As long as I had proper motivation in place CFA was quite an easy thing (of course I spent much time etc).

After passing Level 1 I finally got into IB…and illusions was broken - I didn’t like it at all. Then I started studying for Level 2 hoping for a better place in a better bank or whatever. Again there was motivation in place…better job, more money etc: and I passed it quite easily.

As of now I have offers and opportunities to change job, to go to a bettter bank or whatever, but the funny thing is that I don’t want. It seems to me that I don’t want to work with this boring stuff…presentations, models etc.

AND right now I am thinking about going for Level 3. WHY? Because there is still some hope that I SHOULD COMPLETE THIS F**ING PROGRAM.

So, there is two ways - one to finish the program and still hope for more intresting and excisiting work. And second - throw it all away and start trying to work and look for a place which I would really love.

THE QUESTION is - what would YOU choose ?

says u are a l3 candidate sounds like you already signed up for the exam…

regarding your post…work > exams

The question doesn’t seem matter to you very much. At the end of the day you are making *your* decision, regardless other people’s opinions. It is not “conditional”.

But if I were you, I would weigh between the effort it takes me to successfully complete the exam and the opportunity cost. If it’s easy and I can pass on the first try with a high probability, then I would go for it and then persue what I really want to do. If it takes >= 2 years, then I probably won’t waste the time on a certificate that won’t help me anywhere in the future. HOwever, nobody can predict the future, and if there is a great opportunity of what you really want to do in the next six months but you have to do something else (CFA), then you miss it and it may never come back to you again.

My experience: do what you love to do, and know it early.