Racism vs. Sexism

which is better?

At this point you might as well just list your favorite position here since that is where we’re headed.

racism affects less of humanity, so it is probably better than sexism from that perspective


If you are a white male, both are probably good for you. If you are a white woman, then sexism, if you are male minority then racism, if you are a female minority, then you could probably answer the question better than most here.

jesus was a black woman, period

Considering the high number of racists on this forums, I would expect more people to think it’s better

well it depends without racism then europe wouldnt have had a chance to use free labour in the colonial days to build up their magnificent empire that accrues benefits to future generations…so racism is very useful in that regard …without sexism what ever would guys use to exploit and subjugate women? so as u can see its truly a toughie


i should have framed this: which is worse?